Build-a-Mold opened the doors in 1978 as a two-man mold shop in just 2000 square feet of rented plant space in Windsor and grew exponentially from there. Founder, Alec Pinsonneault recognized changes in the industry over the years and realized the need to expand. He spearheaded the acquisition of multiple facilities, forming the foundation upon which Plasman Group was established. Today, Build-a-Mold produces injection molds for a variety of automotive components, especially under-hood parts. Not only can we do tool tryouts, we offer a level of customization few others will touch.

Build-a-Mold has been at the forefront of the industry since we started and our capacity to offer Part to Print makes us unique. Our employees know that our commitment to the customer goes beyond the mold we make. We are responsible for the accuracy of the product that comes out of it and our people deliver. Investing in the future, whether it’s training or technology, is important as we keep our customers ahead of the curve.